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From: Roderick Shafton
Subject: FEELING CHIPPER FEELING CHIPPER Feining a stomach-ache, Jeff went straight to his room
after school. Locking the door, the horny youngster went to
the window and let Ronny The Cocksucker sneak in from porn pics teens lolita the
outside ladder they'd positioned.
Twenty minutes later, both boys sprawled naked on the
bed. Ronny was down at Jeff's crotch, hungrily sucking his
throbbing boner and rubbing his balls. Jeff's arm reached
out to feel the kid up. He'd agreed to give him a handjob
in return for one of his famous blowjobs, and found that
pumping another guy's meat wasn't all that bad.
All that bad? Oh man! Ronny's lips were the best thing
he'd ever felt on his pecker ...actually, the only thing
he'd ever felt on his pecker besides his own fist. He
looked over at the warm prick in his hand, feeling the hot
blood pulsing through it. He squeezed Ronny's cock harder
and began using the stroke & twist technique he used on
himself...three or four times a day! Aw, shit yeah! He'd
jack off the whole soccer team as long as somebody was
blowing him like this! Yeah, maybe he could sneak the 10th
grader into the locker room after a game and let the guys
line up so he could jack 'em off two at a time while Ronny
knelt between his legs and kept blowing him and blowing
him-- drinking each load from his cock as he kept coming
until he'd jerked 'em all off and had their jizz covering
his naked body! Then he'd grab Ronny's prick and pound him
off...letting the cute fag lick off the gallons of lolicon little girl skin his
buddies' cum!
His cock was ready to explode in the boy's mouth. His
toes were curling and his moans got louder. Suddenly...a
light rap on the door!
"Jeff, honey, are you alright, dear?"
The boys froze, but Jeff remembered he'd locked the
door and let out a big sigh of relief.
"Uh, I'll be fine, Mom. I'm just feeling a little
queer!" He desperately stifled giggles--unable to resist
adding, "I should be down real soon!" He winked at Ronny
and hissed, "REAL SOON!!"
"Okay, darling. I won't bother you then. You come down
when you're feeling chipper."
"Who's Chipper?" Jeff whispered at the door as his
mother left. "It ain't Chipper I'm feeling, Mom," he
chuckled, "It's Ronny! You go feel Chipper, Mom, and I'll
feel Ronny!" They both broke up laughing.
"Feeling a little queer, hunh?" Ronny glared
"Think I shoulda said 'I'm feeling a little queer...
with a big dick'?" Jeff put his hand on the kid's head and
pushed him back down on his rigid cock. "Aw, suck me off!
Everybody said you were the best queer in school. Danged
well the best queer I ever had. I'll letcha do it all the
time, Ronny. You're gonna be my favorite cocksucker."
Ronny glanced up from his duties--an amused twinkle in
his young, experienced eyes. Thanks, you dumb jock! he
thought. Like you've even had it before, sweetie! That's
okay. I've been wantin' this juicy cock all year. Gonna
suck you silly, stud. Get you so hot for it, you spring a
boner every time you see me. Getcha to suck me off, too.
Just like the other little girls preteens lolitas guys do. Course they fail to mention
that when they talk about me. That's okay. Long as they
keep whispering how great I am, I get a steady supply of
any cock I want.
Funny thing is, they never say how I lick their
buttholes. Must be too embarrassing. Maybe they're afraid
if somebody finds out they suck me, they'll figure he licks
my ass, too. Ooooh, only Coach Baxter does that! Mmmm, this
is a great prick, Jeffy! Like the way your balls smell,
too. Yeh, if the guys only knew how often I blow the nn lolita free galleries
That might not surprise 'em too much, but if they could see
us buttsucking each other...WOW! His hairy ass reminds me
so much of Uncle Bart's. Yeh, the first. Uncle Bart. First
everything. Still get goosebumps thinking how he let me...
well, talked me into...sniffing and licking his asshole
when I was only 13! AND HOW I LOVED IT! Now I love all of
'em. Every stinky one. Know just how to lick first-timers
and make their prick squirt when I want. Gonna lick this
big boy's hole soon. Yep. He's a squirmer. Already likes my
cock. Probably never played circle jerk with his buddies.
Sure has a tight grip on mine, though. He knows how to
handle a joint...that's a fact! Get him to suck me first,
then when the GUILTS set in and he tries brushing me off,
I'll lick his stinky little hole and turn him into putty
...like I did Ralph Thorsen. Yeah, Ralphie. What an eager
buttsucker he turned into before he moved! Bet he's licking
every nasty pooper he can get at that military academy in
Ohio. Mmmm. Kinda'd like rimmin' a guy in uniform myself.
Oh, well, it's sorta cool pulling down Scotty Lake's pants
when he's in his band uniform. Boy, he's sure trying to
make this last. How's he do it? Time to get the boy's nuts
off before he rubs the skin off my cock. He sure ain't
gonna let go of it beforehand. Time he felt 'Chipper'!
Jeff purred in sustained pleasure--constantly teetering
on the brink--control he'd developed by many hours of tube
teasing. His mother's interruption had conveniently
activated his restart mechanism. Otherwise the expert
boneboy between his legs, teasing his poophole, would
already be home pissing out the load he'd blasted down his
throat! Gee, the guy's cock is sure leaking a lot. Woah!
Hold on! Teasing whose poophole?!!
Ronny doubled his cocksucking speed--taking Jeff's 6-
incher to the balls--and introduced Jeff's bunghole to
Chipper...Ronny's new name for his middle finger's first
knuckle! He'd top 50 lolitas sities
sucked it, then slipped the wet jiggler
deviously between the jock's twitching, virginal asslips.
Jeff began gasping and shaking, nipping the intruder
that brought tiny lolitas posing galleries him out of his reverie and was shocking his
system into violent spasms. His butthole was pulsing
wildly...unable to decide whether to push the violator
out...or let it...
Ronny left it up to the young stud. He'd only committed
Chipper. But Jeff was thrashing so shamelessly he was
steadily impaling himself. Ronny felt the prick lolicon little girl skin in his
mouth expand and become steel. He jabbed the boy's anal nub
and got ready. Feeling the electricity shoot through his
body when Ronny tweaked his prostate, Jeff let out a string
of staccato whimpers, rammed his ass down hard for the
whole finger, then went rigid. He pressed Ronny's head
down--burying his exploding prick in the cocksucker's
mouth, shooting his first mile-long stream straight down
the kid's throat!
Suddenly his face was being splattered with cockjuice!
His mouth already hung open and when he turned, realizing
he was squeezing the fuck out of Ronny's cock and was
personally responsible for where the scum was landing...a
big wad splattered his astonished lips and flowed over his
tongue! In a daze, he watched more jets of white cream
shoot helter skelter. Still convulsing his never-ending
wad, he was shaking too much to aim it or care. He even
swallowed the queer jizz and licked his lips!
After that first blast, Ronny insistently knocked
Jeff's hand away. Fucker! At least he was gonna taste the
rest of it. It reminded him of an expression he'd heard
once. You can piss straight down my throat, but cum you
squirt in my mouth!
Absolutely, he thought. A prick sucker sucks pricks to
eat a fella's hot cum. If you don't get to taste it first,
it goes to waste.
Not to worry. Jeff's whole overwhelmed system simply
downloaded. His preteen lolitas models sites balls quaked as every pearly drop in the
warehouse was detonated and flew up the tubes to feed the
cocksucker...Ronny The Cocksucker! It was unbelievable. he
felt like he could cum, piss, and shit all at once. The cum
took priority shooting out of his pisshole, and the finger
lodged up his bum limited him to a blubbery fart.
Ronny had the biggest load ever to savor--even without
that first pint he was cheated out of. He slid his lips up
the shaft, tonguing the knob, collecting all he could and
swirling the thick load around his grateful mouth and
teeth before letting it slither down the back. He removed
his finger so subtly Jeff wondered if it had only been his
imagination. His future cock-slave was silent and stunned,
still catching his breath. His eyes were closed. But Ronny
had to reach down and remove the guy's hand from his tender
cock. Jeff still held onto it, unconsciously maybe, idly
fondling his cum-squishy cock and balls.
"Unh...uh...yeh," Jeff muttered as he lost his
diversion, his hand going limp as Ronny swiped his tongue
over the palm and fingers, subtly telling the guy cum
tasted good enough to eat your own.
A quick intake of breath, and Jeff sat bolt upright!
"Whew! What the heck was that! I think it was more than
just a blowjob. What happened? What'd you do?"
Ronny smiled and nursed one of his fingers between his
lips...innocently trying to determine what he meant. He
popped the finger out.
"Oh, just the usual thrills when you do it the queer
way," he shrugged with a grin.
Jeff's brow squinched up suspiciously, suddenly
catching onto the little boy finger sucking act he'd just
ignored. "Hey, that wasn't the one you...the one I...?
"Don't be silly, lover. You don't have any YUK."
"Aw, don't go getting all faggy on me now. That was
great. A lot better than anybody ever said, and you can do
it...um, you can blow me, uh, you know...whenever. If you
liked it. You did, didn't ya? I could tell. Shucks, I'll
wack you off. That's no biggie."
"Thanks a lot, Ramrod!"
"Hunh? Aw, I didn't mean it like that. Shit, your
pecker's almost as big as mine. Yeah, real decent hand-
ful." He glanced around awkwardly...nothing left to say.
"Um, I'll go get us a towel. Guess I'd better get
"Feeling Chipper, now?" Ronny joked, also wondering if
the boy's asshole still felt that presence.
"Heh! Just who the heck is this Chipper guy, anyway?"
he continued the idle nonsense, sliding off the bed and
heading for the bathroom.
Ronny stood up quickly in front of Jeff and held up his
middle finger, tweaking the first knuckle and speaking to
"Chipper, meet Jeff. Jeff, this is Chipper. Chipper was
partly responsible for making you feel very, very chipper.
He wants you to know he's always at your disposal. He's
very gentle, and loves to go exploring mysterious,
undiscovered places!"
Jeff laughed. He reached out and squeezed the knuckle.
"Hmmm. Thanks, Chip. Just don't go making a pest of
yourself, okay?"
He smiled at Ronny. "Jeez, guess I really finger-banged
myself, hunh?"
"You think that felt good, you outta try a cock
Jeff's mouth fell. "A cock? You mean queers do that,
"Do it? We invented it!"
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